About Us

Hi Folks! We are Taffy and Kim, who used to manage Mt Hart along the Gibb River Road. We have created this website, with the help of the Gibb River Road community, to help you plan your travels through the Kimberley, and have a truly enjoyable experience... the experience of a lifetime.

For many, many years we lived in the Kimberley - We know this country because we worked there, lived there and explored so much of it. We want you to enjoy The Kimberley, truly experience that land and return to it, time and time again. We've tried to fill this website with as much accurate, and honest information as possible. We hope it helps you plan your trip through the Kimberley, and get the most out of the journey. Some of the information on this website has been created from personal knowledge & memories acquired after many years of living in the Kimberley....Some of the information has come from other Kimberley locals, who have shared stories and information with us....And some has come from the very old and rare books, & journals in our library collection.

By the way....if you enjoy this website, and the information helps you, please take the time to visit our on-line store....Every dollar you spend here helps us keep this community website running!!! In our store you will find digital art prints & rare books on the Kimberleys for sale.

Thank-you For Visiting www.gibbriverroad.net!!!

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