Who Is Allen Grosse?

Written and posted on-line 15th December 2011

C.A.L.M (now D.E.C) was only 5 years old when I was appointed as a Tourism and Conservation expert manager.

My background as Kimberley Regional Manager for the W.A Tourism Commission had a lot to do with the decision to appoint me as District Manager of the West Kimberley for C.A.L.M and I had experience that C.A.L.M was desperate for. The W.A Government wanted C.A.L.M to Focus on 'PARK IMPROVEMENTS' and allocated a park improvment fund of $5 million dollars. This all predated Mt Hart, but shows what the government wanted to do at the time.

The fact that the Premier visited and stayed twice at Mt Hart, and many major functions where held at Mount Hart, is endorsement of the VISION and PRIDE in the facility.

I too would like you to receive a fair and adequate compensation for your "Sweat Equity" and the 'Direct Financial Input' you injected into the Mount Hart Homestead project. It needs to be stated that C.A.L.M was established in 1985 as a new and exciting organisation that was challenged by the Government of the day to upgrade National Parks throughout the state.

The new department was further challenged to raise its own funds under a net appropriation budget system and not rely so heavily on the public purse. Times were busy and exciting and the challenges many. My appointment to C.A.L.M as the District Manager for the West Kimberley in 1989 was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I found the autonomy provided to Chris Done and myself refreshing and invigorating as we set out to get things done and work with the private sector, Aboriginal Groups and the local governments to achieve outcomes. I was the C.A.L.M Manager directly responsible for Taffy Abbotts appointment, our shared vision, the strategic initiatives, developed agreements and the approval of capital developments at Mount Hart Homestead from 1989 through to 2005.

My corporate memory, written documentation and knowledge of events, developments and agreements is as accurate today as it was then. Should you require any assistance that may help resolve the issues between yourself and D.E.C, I am willing to provide information and advice as to management strategies, community involvement and other matters.

It is my absolute assertion that the level of development at Mount Hart Homestead far exceeded what C.A.L.M was able to finance at the time and the standard of accommodation and service prompted many Ministers of Government, Premiers and Governors to seek to stay at Mount Hart. C.A.L.M in its own right organized many significant events to be held at Mount Hart Homestead, including but not limited to, the official opening of the "IBIS' Aerial Hwy, the formal Gazettal of the King Leopold Range Conservation Park and many regional conferences.

Taffy, the Facility is a credit to your effort and energy to deliver a shared vision of both parties at the time.

Allen Grosse

Allen Grosse's Credibility

Dr Syd Shea - CEO of C.A.L.M: