Kimberley Art

Kim from Mt Hart (story continued...)

"...I have painted and drawn for as long as I can remember. When I was a child all I wanted to be when I grew up was an artist. I am now 26, and my life has been a story told through my art. About 8 years ago at the age of 19 I travelled to England and worked my way up through Scotland, over 2 years. When I found the time I painted and sketched the scenes around me, the people, and the places I visited. I exchanged most of these pictures with people I met for their kindness, help and advice..."

"...Then I travelled to Africa & my whole life changed. The world took on a completely different meaning. I lived there for a year and when I found the time I'd paint & sketch pictures of what I saw, experienced and felt. And I exchanged these paintings with those I've learnt most from during my life...."