Kimberley Art

~Kim from Mt Hart~

"Over the past few years (when I can find some spare time from all the other jobs that need doing!) I have been painting the history, landscape, animals, birdlife and plants of Mt Hart as murals & paintings displayed in all the main buildings. I have tried to capture the experience of living up here, as well as the stories I have been told, and all the things I have learnt about the bush..."

"Some of the paintings have been based on old photos and stories from when Mt Hart was a working cattle station. Others are of all the animals and birds and plants that live here - about how they share the bush and live together off of what nature gives them. Some are about the dingoes that live here and how they let me see the world through their eyes when I spend time with them. All of these paintings are now a part of Mt Hart. I hope they will remain here for a long time to help record and preserve some of the stories of this place and help teach people about nature both now and in the future..."

"Recently we have started tanning our own leather and I have been making 'leather art' or 'living art' pieces out of this. The leather is cut into a circle and beads and crystals are stictched into it in intricate patterns, then a bird or animal is painted in the center. Thin leather thongs are plaited and stretched from the edge of the leather circle to a homemade frame...."

"Although most of the images at Mt Hart are not for sale they are all up on display. We occassionally have some art for sale and prints are also available. You can commission me to do a painting based on something you like, but this may take some time especially during the tourist season, as it gets pretty busy..."

Contact information: Phone (08)9191 4645