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Many of the landscape photos you see on this site, of the gorges and scenery along the Gibb River Road, were generously donated for use by Australian Scenics & Peter Walton.

"The first time I spotted Peter Walton he was standing on the top of what used to be called the "Ford Resort" now the "Alice Springs" resort taking photos of the whole AAT Kings campsite...and I thought to myself "He's gotta be joking". But it turned out he had developed and patented the "Wild Angled Lens" that gave no distortion (Like a normal fish-eye lens does). I thought to myself; "Oh no...I've got him on tour tomorrow". I used to dread photographers...for they would disrupt your schedule while they painstakingly set up a camera on a tripod, took light and distance readings, then made you re-enact the same shot half a dozen times before capturing it just right. But Peter (Nicknamed: "Wide Angled Walton") had cameras strapped around his neck, and he would run in front of the vehicle, rolling over, lying on the ground whilst taking numerous shots (with different camera lenses, different films, differents speeds of this huge uni-mog (4WD coach) jumping over a sandhill right in front of him. Then he'd jump back on board the coach without disrupting the tour at all. Peter Walton...I take my hat off to you" (Taffy Abbotts)

Australian Scenics is an on-line database of spectacular landscape photography, that captures the wonder & beauty of nature. These photographs are of the highest quality - taken by professional photographers including Peter Walton, who have dedicated their lives to landscape photography and travelled all around this country searching for the 'perfect shot'. This amazing on-line collection captures the vivid green tones of the lush flora in Queensland's tropical rainforests, the pastel spectrum of Tasmania's coastlines, the bright earthy tones of the rural scenes of the Northern Territory, to the brightly coloured parks and gardens in Victoria. The rich colours, unique subject matter, and composition of these photographs, makes you feel like you are really there.... witnessing a spectacular moment in time, that was captured by the camera, and created by the power of nature. Australian Scenics supplies high quality images & prints to advertising agencies, graphic designers, publishers, corporate and private clients.

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