Barnett Gorge

So you want to visit Barnett Gorge hey! Well you've come to the right place....Luckily one of our dingoes - Luca, is up there on holidays this week. She is currently conducting "Dingo Sightseeing Tours" into Barnett Gorge. So if you are interested in tagging along with her, go for it.

"Hi, I'm Luca the dingo. Welcome to the walk trail into Barnett Gorge. I know this country up here real well. We've got about a 10 minute walk from the carpark into the gorge so stick with me, okay. By the way sometimes I get distracted if something starts rustling in the bushes, so if I run off for a while, just wait for me to come back..."

"Well we've made it as far as the river. It's pretty deep in there. The waterway is lined with a thick layer of pandanus palms and paperbark trees. We've just gotta keep following the river, we'll be there soon!"

"See those sandstone escarpments on the other side of the river? Beautiful arn't they!"

"This gorge is made up of sedimentary layers of sandstone. I love lying down on the ledges in the shade during the heat of the day. Did you know we are about 1400 feet above see level right now?"

"See that group of flying foxes over there hanging off the branches of the paperbark trees? They'll stay there till dusk, then they'll fly away searching for food all night. They'll squabble amongst themselves all day over who's got the best place to roost. They are quite entertaining to watch! With all that fighting and carrying on amongst themselves, I don't know how they get a decent sleep! Gee, I'm glad I'm a dingo!"

"You really get a great view from here at the end of the main walk trail, and it's also the best place to swim. It's deep though, so if you prefer shallow water you'll have to climb up over the sandstone towards those rock pools in the distance. That takes some time....about 20 minutes"

"Well look at that. Pretty magnificent isn't it. This is the view of the gorge, from the top of the sandstone pillar at the end of the main walk trail."

"Hey! Look what I found in this rock crevice in the sandstone. It's a night tiger or a banded tree snake. They've got amazing eyes - bright fluro yellow with a black streak down the center just like a tiger's eye."

"Well I'm going to pull up here. I don't feel like walking all the way over towards the rock pools, as the sandstone is too hot this time of day. It will burn my feet. So I guess I'll see ya later!"