Bell Gorge

So...Bell Gorge has taken your fancy, hey! Well our friends Ann and Garth are down there today. They have once again generously offered to be your virtual tour guides, so you get the chance to see what Bell Falls is all about...

"Hi again everyone! Where Garth and Ann, your virtual tour guides into Bell Falls. As you can see where up the top of the falls right now. It's a great lookout from up here, and it's only about a 15 minute walk from the carpark to this point! The walk trail here is marked and it is a relatively easy hike!"

"Wow Garth! The falls are so beautiful to sit and watch from up here!"

"That's for sure Ann. Did you know Bell Falls is one of the only waterfalls, accessible off the Gibb River Road, which continues to flow all year round?"


"Yeah! Most of the other falls up this way have stopped flowing by the end of the dry season"

"If you look in the other direction, you'll see Bell creek winding it's way down through the gorge. Can you see that person standing all the way down there? That's where we're headed - down to the base of the falls!"

"It's about a 20 minute walk from here down to the bottom of the falls. There's a marked trail which leads you down there. But first we've got to cross over the river, so let's get going!"

"We've got to cross over the river at the top of the falls. There's some exposed rocks in the river, that you can use to jump across like stepping stones. There is even markers on some of the rocks to help guide us across"

"Wow Ann...check out that view looking out over the very top of the falls, from the middle of the river...Ooops, I nearly fell in, and I almost dropped the camera in the water!"

"Garth, you'd really better concentrate on putting your feet on the stepping stones. You can photograph more of the scenery when we get across this river!"

"Well, we made it across the river! The trail leading from here, to the base of the falls, goes down the side of the gorge wall. It is a steep climb in some places. Did you know Bell Gorge mostly contains King Leopold Sandstone & quartzite with some bazalt intrusions?"

"Well...after a 20 minute descent, we've made it to the base of the falls! I'm going to go for a swim, while Garth is going to head further down the gorge birdwatching. So, I guess we'll see you later and hopefuly we'll meet up again somewhere along the road!"