Gibb River Road Accommodation

Section targeting Gibb River Road Accommodation ranges from; comfortable homestead guest house rooms, to delightful Kimberley station stays, to cosy bungalows, or safari cabins. These facilities are located on the cattle properties, aboriginal lands, or inside the conservation parks.

The list below gives a description, brief history and contact information of the Gibb River Road Accommodation providers (Listed in order of travel from Derby to Kununurra):

Gibb River Road Accommodation: Birdwood Downs Station

Robyn TreadwellLocation: 16km out of Derby along the Gibb River Road, or 689km from Kununurra

History: Birdwood Downs Station is situated at the end of old stock routes. Since 1978 numerous land care projects have been undertaken on the property aimed at creating a biodiverse sustainable ecology in overgrazed pindan country. The property is now a pastoral, ecological and general land regeneration demonstration project. The cattle and horses are key to the sustainable management of their pastures. They are home to the Kimberley School of Horsemanship and provide trail rides and ecological tours. From 1985, Robyn Treadwell, was the devoted manager of Birdwood Downs. She received 'Australia's rural woman of the year award' in 1995,and applied her extensive knowledge of farming, tropical plants, and agriculture towards the ecological/pastoral development and continued preservation of Birdwood Downs.

Birdwood Downs Accommodation Description: Birdwood Downs welcomes you to stay in their savannah bungalows. These comfortable double and twin bed colour stone accommodation are solar powered and cooled by natural air flow. They have shared ablution and toilet facilities with hot showers. Dinner, bed and breakfast package available.

Contact information:

For bookings call +(61)8 9191 1275 or send them an Email:

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Birdwood Downs Muster

Gibb River Road Accommodation: Mt Hart Wilderness Lodge

Location:Total of 240km north Derby, 565km from Kununurra (these distances are inclusive of the 50km access road)Turn-off on left hand side of the road when heading north. Turn-off is 190km from Derby or 515km from Kununurra

History: Covering almost a million acres of terrain in the heart of the King Leopold Ranges, 'Mt Hart' was the first cattle station 'over the ranges' and was taken up as a pastoral lease by numerous owners beteen 1914-1980's. When Taffy Abbotts came to Mt Hart station in 1990, the place was extremely run down. He dedicated 20 years of his life to maintaining, financing, extending and preserving Mt Hart's homesteads and gardens in conjunction with The Department of Environment and Conservation.UPDATE: After 20 years of service, long term manager Taffy Abbotts left Mt Hart in June 2011. Mt Hart was managed by The Department of Environment and Conservation of Western Australia (DEC) during the 2011 tourist season. During the month of August 2011 DEC called for expressions of interest from interested parties in securing a long term 20 year lease over Mt Hart, which was awarded to the company APT.

Description:Ten acres of tropical gardens. Accommodation in 'Kimberley-style' heritage homesteads, plus campsite with amenity block. Mt Hart HomesteadAccess to Mount Matthew and Annie Gorges.

Contact information:
Ph: (08)9191 4645

Mt Hart Homestead View: Mt Matthew

Gibb River Road Accommodation: Charnley River Station

Location:299 km from Derby, 494 km from Kununurra (distance is inclusive of 44km access road). Turn-off on left hand side of the road when heading north. Turn-off is 255km from Derby or 450km from Kununurra

History: "Beverley Springs" was taken up by Marion Nixon and her husband in 1969, as a run down property. It consists of 3/4 million acres. It was the first property to accommodate tourists along the Gibb River Road. During Marion's time on the property she became well known for "Children in the Sun" (which was a story she wrote about raising her 5 children out there) and a novel called "Stop Whisphering Annie" based on the country. The property was run by Peter and Cheryl Camp, who lived out there with their 3 children for the last few years. They have renamed the station "Charnley River". UPDATE; The Camp Family sold Charnley River Station to the CEO of A.W.C (who also owns Mornington Wilderness Sanctuary) in early 2011. Farm stay accommodation is very limited this 2012 tourist season because the new owners are focusing on improving the camp ground (please read the next paragraph for more detailed information on the accommodation available).

Description: Kimberley Cattle station situated in spectacular gorge country, which since a change of ownership in 2011 is now downscaling the cattle to make way for a conservation estate. Accommodation was previously in unique 'Rondavels' (with ensuites), and homestead bunkhouse with kitchen (ideal for families), however please note that very limited accommodation is now available so book early. Accommodation on offer is "The Guest House” formally a manager's residence which can house up to 6 people. Please note; Charnley River Station's campground is open.

Contact Information: (08)9191 4646 Email:

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Gibb River Road Accommodation: Mornington Wilderness Sanctuary

Location: 342km from Derby, 559 km from Broome, 546km from Kununurra, past Glenroy Station (these distances include their 88km access road). Their access Road or drive way from Gibb River Road is 88km long (2 hours drive) Turn-off is 253 km from Derby or 452km from Kununurra. Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary covers 358,274 ha (885,311 acres) and incorporates sections of the ruggedly impressive King Leopold Ranges and much of the upper catchment of the mighty Fitzroy River. Turnoff just east of the small community of Imintji.

History: Originally taken up as a pastoral lease in the late 1920's-30's as part of Tablelands Station, although the boundaries were slightly different than today. In the 1980's Michael Curr set up a tourist camp on the property by the site of the old station to provide access to Diamond Gorge and Sir John Gorge on the Fitzroy River. The cattle property was sold to 'The Australian Wildlife Conservancy’ in 2001, who now run an active conservation management and research program on Mornington and the adjoining property, Marion Downs. Australian Wildlife Conservancy, is an independent, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of Australia’s threatened wildlife and ecosystems.

Description: Open from May to October Mornington offers spacious safari-style luxury tents complete with private ensuites and fresh linen, overlooking the picturesque Annie Creek, Restaurant serving contemporary meals, fine selection of Australian wine, Picnic hampers available, comprehensive visitor program promoting awareness of biodiversity and alternative land uses in northern Australia’s tropical savanna, every dollar spent here goes back into nature conservation, variety of daily tours conducted by expert guides, canoeing through Diamond & Sir John Gorges, evening "after-dinner talk" providing visitors with an overview of Mornington & the work of the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Contact Information:
Phone: 1800 631 946 or 08 9191 7406

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Mt Elizabeth Station

Pat and Peter Lacey: Mt ElizabethLocation: Total of 379km from Derby, or 394km from Kununurra (these distances include their 30km access road). Turn-off is located on left hand side of the road when heading north. Turn-off is 345km from Kununurra or 360km from Derby

History: Frank Lacy took up the lease of Mt Elizabeth station in 1944, and settled there in 1946. Property consists of approx. 197000 hectares. The station was eventually handed down to Peter Lacey. Over the years, Peter and his wife Pat have dedicated their lives to running the property as a cattle station, whilst developing it as a Kimberley tourist destination, offering homestead accommodation, meals and camping.

Mt Elizabeth HomesteadDescription: Family owned and run cattle station that provides guests with the opportunity to observe life on a Kimberley cattle station, swim & explore scenic gorges including Wunnumurra Gorge on the Barnett River and Hann River Gorge, evening meals and breakfasts, Gibb River Road accommodation in the main homestead,camping facilities, fishing, bushwalking trails, self-guided 4WD tours. Morning and afternoon tea is also available. Mt Elizabeth has no liquor license - BYO.

Contact Information:
Ph:(08)9191 4644


Hann Gorge, Mt Elizabeth

Drysdale River Station

Location: 59km North of the Junction of the Gibb & Kulumburu roads. Total of 470km North Derby,353km from Kununurra. Kulumburu road turn-off is 249km from Kununurra or 411km from Derby.

History: Drysdale has been subject to a number of pastoral and mining leases since 1882. In 1891, Bradshaw took up the pastoral lease of a large area at Drysdale. By the time Anne and John Koyers took up the lease of Drysdale in 1985 the place was really run down. Over the past 23 years they have dedicated their lives (with the help of their children) to developing and establishing Drysdale as a successful family run cattle station, which is also a popular tourist destination. 2011 is the Koeyers 26th year at Drysdale, which makes their family by far the longest resident leaseholders since this land was first released.

Drysdale AccommodationDescription: Drysdale features Gibb River Road accommodation in guest houses, delicious restaurant meals, licensed bar,a general store, scenic flights plus 'riverside' & 'homestead' camping areas. It offers genuine hospitality and a warm Kimberley atmosphere. Drysdale is the last fuel stop for vehicles travelling to the Mitchell Plateau or Kalumburu.

Contact Information:
Ph:(08)9161 4326

Click here for: Drysdale's Website, Kimberley Accommodation

Virtual Flights From Drysdale to Mitchell Falls Depart Here Daily!

Australian Scenics: Drysdale River View

Ellenbrae Station

Location: 476km out of Derby along the Gibb River Road, or 229km from Kununurra

History: Byrne Terry was a remarkable and much loved character of the Kimberley who together with his wife Anne established Ellenbrae as an overnight stopover for tourists. Since Byrnes untimely death a few years ago, Ellenbrae has new owners, who are maintaining the buildings and gardens Byrne created and ensuring this amazing place remains a part of the heritage of the Kimberley for all to enjoy.

Description: Ellenbrae welcomes you to stay in their rammed earth huts. These double and twin huts are a tribute to Byrne Terry’s Bush injenuity and self sufficency, and are surrounded by trees and wildlife. Ellenbrae has shared environmentally friendly ablution and toilet facilities with hot showers, and a nearby communal cooking area. When Byrne Terry established tourist accommodation at Ellenbrae he combined natural bush building techniques with eco-friendly facilities to help the property harmoniously blend in with the surrounding country, and reflect the true traditional values and lifestyle of the Kimberley. Ellenbrae also welcomes day visitors to come and enjoy a hot cup of tea in the beautiful gardens and the best home made scones you have ever tasted! Ellenbrae’s driveway is only 5km long so it is well worth the trip in to stop off and stretch your legs to marvel at their gardens and buildings.

Contact Information:
Ph:(08)91614325 or send them an e-mail:

Home Valley Station

Location: 114 Km from Kununurra, 591km from Derby, Turn-off on left hand side of the road when heading north

History: Australia's Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) purchased Home Valley Station in 2006. Since then a lot of work has been undertaken in the development of facilities so that Home Valley can cater for more tourists, provide training programs for aboriginals, and improve the quality of station cattle.

Description: Tourist destination and working cattle station. Offers good barramundi fishing due to tidal access to the Pentecost River. Gibb River Road Accommodation in 'Grass Castles' (bungalows), homestead Guesthouse Rooms, safari-style Eco Tents,camping facilities, meals available & licensed bar.

Contact Information:
Ph:(08)9161 4322

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Home Valley Muster

El Questro

Elquestro LogoLocation: 649km from Derby or 106km from Kununurra (inclusive of their 25km access road)

History: The foundation of El Questro is owed to Torrance McMicking who obtained the 1st pastoral lease of the area in 1958. El Questro is a testament to the vision of it's previous owners Will and Celia Burrell, who purchased the property in 1991 and turned it into a tourist attraction of international repute. El Questro was purchased off the Burrells by the 'Voyages' corporation, who own a chain of resorts throughout Australia including 'Aurora' at Ayers Rock. Since 2010 El Equestro has been run by the firm 'Delaware North'.

Description: El Questro offers Gibb River Road accommodation in homestead rooms, tented cabins, family bungalows, and riverside Camping. Views of Chamberlain Gorge and the Cockburn Range. Access to natural thermal springs, gorges and waterfalls.

Contact Information:
Ph:08 9169 1777

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Australian Scenics: Cockburn Range