Gibb River Road Distances & Drive Times

If you scroll down this page you will find some tables containing listings of Gibb River Road & Kalumburu Road distances, and drive times to all the major public gorges, station-stays, roadhouses, access roads, towns and road junctions.

Quick Distance Finder - Gibb River Road Distances

The table below shows the distances from Derby and Kununurra to the turn-offs of station-stays, and gorges as well as roadhouses and campsites located along the Gibb River Road. If you would like to see the approximate drive times for this list: CLICK HERE

Please note: Some of the distances in the table below are only to the station-stay, homestead and gorge 'turn-offs' - these distances do not include their access roads or 'drive ways'.You can view the total distance to station-stays, homesteads or public gorges with access roads HERE

OR you can view the distance and drive time of an access road from the Gibb River Road HERE

You can view the distances to destinations along the Kalumburu Road from the Gibb River Road Turn-off HERE

Distance from (km) Derby Kununurra
Broome 222km 927km
Mowanjum Art Center & Community 10km 695km
Derby Leporsarium 11km 694km
Birdwood Downs 16km 689km
Meeda Station Turn-off(no public access) 40.50km (+ 6 km to station from turn-off) 664.50km (+ 6km to station from turn-off)
May River Turn-off (Free Campsite/Barra Fishing) 40.50km (turn-off at Meeda + 12km to campsite) 664.50 (+ 12km to campsite)
Blina Oilfield (no public access) 69km 636km
Kimberley Downs Turn-off (no public access) 80km 625km
Kimberley Diamond Mine(no public access) 116km 589km
Tunnel Creek/Windjina Gorge/Highway 1 Turn-off 119km 586km
Lennard River & Snackstop 119.5km 585.5km
Napier Station & Range(no public access) 135km 570km
Black Granite Mine 152km 553km
Inglis Gap 188km 517km
Mt Hart Turn-off 190km 515km
Lennard Gorge Turn-off 195km 510km
Bell Gorge Turn-off 214km 491km
Imintji Store & Roadhouse 223km 482km
Mornington Turn-off 253km 452km
Charnley Turn-off 255km 450km
Adcock Gorge Turn-off 267km 438km
Galvans Gorge Carpark 284km 421km
Barnett Roadhouse/Manning Gorge Turn-off 300km 405km
Barnett Gorge Turn-off 330km 375km
Mt Elizabeth Turn-off 345km 360km
Kalumburu & Mitchell Falls Turn-off 411km 294km
Drysdale River Station 470km 353km
Ellenbrae Station 476km 229km
Home Valley Station 591km 114km
El Questro Station Turn-off 624km 81km
Wyndham/Kununurra Turn-off (Gibb River Rd end) 660km 45km
Wyndham 716km 101km
Kununurra 705km 0km

Quick Time Finder - Gibb River Road Distances

Please note: It is impossible to accurately tell you how long you are going to take when driving the Gibb River Road - these are approximate times only. Times depend on what speed you drive at, how much traffic is on the road, road conditions, weather, etc.

These drive times do not include the time it takes to travel to gorges, and station/homesteads with access roads. Some of the station-stays and public gorges included in the table below have access roads. The "Drive Time" has only been calculated to their turn-offs, so if you intend on visiting any of these places CLICK HERE for the total distance and drive times from Derby and Kununurra.

Time From: Derby Kununurra
Broome 2&1/2 - 3 hours 14 & 1/2 - 15 hours
Birdwood Downs 20 mins 12 hours
Tunnel Creek/Windjina Gorge/Highway 1 Turn-off 1&1/2 hours 10&1/2 hours
Mt Hart Turn-off 2&1/2 hours 9&1/2 hours
Lennard Gorge Turn-off 2 hours 45 mins 9 hours 15 mins
Bell Gorge Turn-off 3 hours 9 hours
Imintji Store & Roadhouse 3 hours 15mins hours 8 &1/2 hours
Mornington Turn-off 4 hours 8 hours
Charnley Turn-off 4 hours 5 mins 7 hours 55 mins
Adcock Gorge Turn-off 5 hours 7 & 1/2 hours
Galvans Gorge Turn-off 5 & 1/2 hours 7 hours
Barnett Roadhouse/Manning Gorge Turn-off 6 hours 6 & 1/2 hours
Barnett Gorge 6 hrs 45 mins 5 hours 45 mins
Mt Elizabeth Turn-off 7 hours 5 hours
Kalumburu & Mitchell Falls Turn-off 7&1/2 hours 4&1/2 hours
Drysdale River Station 8 hours 5 hours
Ellenbrae Station 8 hours 4 hours
Home Valley Station 9 & 1/2 hours 3 hours
El Questro Station turn-off 10 hours 1&1/2 hours
Wyndham/Kununurra Turn-off (Gibb River Rd end) 11 hours 30 mins
Wyndham 11 hours 45 mins 1 hour
Kununurra 12 hours 0 hours

Length of Gorge and Station Access Roads - Gibb River Road Distances

Below is a list of the distances and drive times for all the access roads leading into the station-stays, and gorges along the Gibb River Road. Please note: If a station-stay, roadhouse, or public gorge has not been included here it means it is located on the Gibb River Road, (or very close to it), and has no 'access road' as such. If you wish to see the total distance of a station or gorge from Derby/Kununurra (including it's access road) please refer to the table after the one below

Access Road Total Distance Drive Time
Gibb River Road - Windjana Gorge & Campgrounds Approx 26km 1/2 hour
Gibb River Road - Tunnel Creek Approx 70km 1 - 1&1/2 hours
Gibb River Road - Highway 1 128km 2&1/2 - 3 hours
Gibb River Road - Mt Hart Homesteads 50km 45 mins - 1 hour
Gibb River Road - Lennard Gorge 7km 15-20 mins
Gibb River Road - Bell Gorge 39 km 40mins
Gibb River Rd - Bell Gorge Campsite (Silent Grove) 29km 1/2 hour
Gibb River Road - Mornington Sanctuary 89km 2 - 2&1/2 hours
Gibb River Road - Charnley River Station 44km 50 mins
Gibb River Road - Adcock Gorge Approx 7km 20mins
Gibb River Road - Manning Gorge & Campgrounds Approx 30km 35mins
Gibb River Road - Barnett Gorge Approx 7km 30mins
Gibb River Road - Mt Elizabeth Station 34km 40mins
Gibb River Road - El Questro Station 25km 20mins

Total Distances & Drive Times to Destinations with Access Roads

Below is a list of the total distances and drive times from Derby and Kununurra to all the station-stays and public gorges that have access roads along the Gibb River Road. Please note; Times are only an approximation and depend on road conditions, your speed of travel and traffic on the road. Please allow extra time in case of delay. Please note: If a station-stay, roadhouse, or public gorge has not been included in the table below it means it is located on the Gibb River Road, (or very close to it), and has no 'access road' as such.

Destination Distance From: Derby Distance From: Kununurra Time From: Derby Time From: Kununurra
Windjana Gorge Carpark Approx 145km Approx 612km 2 hours 11 hours
Tunnel Creek Carpark Approx 189km Approx 656km 3 hours 12hours
Highway 1 247km 714km 4 & 1/2hours 13 & 1/2 hours
Mt Hart Homesteads 240km 565km 3 & 1/2 hours 10 & 1/2 hours
Lennard Gorge Carpark 202km 517km 3 hours 9&1/2 hours
Bell Gorge Carpark 253km 530km 3hrs 40mins 9hrs 40mins
Bell Gorge Campsite (Silent Grove) 243km 520km 3&1/2 hours 9&1/2 hours
Mornington Sanctuary 342km 541km 6 hours 10 hours
Charnley River Station 299km 494km 4hours 50mins 8hours 50mins
Adcock Gorge Carpark Approx 274km Approx 445km 5 hours 20mins 7hours 50mins
Manning Gorge carpark/Campgrounds 330km 435km 6 hours 30mins 7 hours
Barnett Gorge Carpark Approx 337km Approx 382km 7 hours 15mins 6 hours 15mins
Mt Elizabeth Station 379km 394km 7 hours 40mins 5 hours 40mins
El Questro Station 649km 106km 10&1/2hours 2hours

Kalumburu Road Distances

Distance from (km) Gibb River Road
Junction of Gibb River Road and Kalumburu Road 0km
Gibb River Crossing (picnic day use area only) 3km
Plain Creek (picnic day use area only) 16km
Drysdale River Homestead 59km
Miners Pool (Day use area - Campers check in at Drysdale) 62km
Drysdale River Crossing 62.5km
Doongan Station (no public access) 96km
Mitchell Plateau/Falls Turn-off 162km
Mitchell Falls (from Mitchell Plateau Turn-off) 85km
Theda Homestead Turn-off (No Public Access) 198km
Carson River Crossing 247km
Carson River Homestead Turn-off (No public Access) 248km
Kalumburu Aboriginal Community 267km

Vast distances separate many of the main scenic attractions and accommodation/camping providers along the Gibb River and Kalumburu Roads in the Kimberley. Travelling these Gibb River Road distances by car is both an exhilarating, and often challenging experience. All travel along the Gibb River Road should be well planned and informed. Alternate ways to travel around the Kimberley include with coach or 4WD tour companies, air charters via the Ibis Aerial Highway or scenic flights .