Gibb River Road Images - Scenery

The photos below show some of the scenic wonders & wildlife you will encounter whilst travelling the Gibb River Road, The Kimberley, Western Australia.

inglis Gap Range

View From the Top of Inglis Gap overlooking the Ranges (ABOVE & BELOW). Inglis Gap is located about 180kms from Derby along the Gibb River Road. There is a very good camera stop here looking out over the spectacular King Leopold Ranges.

River Bend

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Mt Amy

View of Mt Amy (ABOVE)

Over the ranges

View of Cliff Face over the Ranges (ABOVE)

Napier Range

View Of The Napier Range (ABOVE)

Granite mine

View Of The Old Granite Mine From The Gibb River Road (ABOVE) near Napier Downs Station. This mine used to export granite to England to restore the front of the heritage buildings. But when the market dropped the mine closed.

king Leopold Ranges

View Of King Leopold Ranges (ABOVE)

Hill At Napier

Granite Rock Outcrop near Napier(ABOVE)

Hill Scene

Granite Rock Escarpment Near Napier (ABOVE)

Granite rocks Near Napier

View of Granite Rock Escarpment from Gibb River Road before Granite Mine (ABOVE)

Brahman Cattle

Brahman Cattle Roadside - Kimberley Downs Station Land (ABOVE)

Corella Lennard River

Corellas Taking a dip near the Lennard River Bridge (ABOVE)

Brown Falcon Roadside

Brown Falcon Roadside (ABOVE)