Driving The Gibb River Road (Part 3) Mt Hart to Derby

Well this sure has been a real rush trip...remember there are so many great places to see along the Gibb that I haven't mentioned on this fly-by-night virtual tour! But if you scroll through the main menu you will find heaps of information on all of the places I haven't taken you to on this virtual tour!

Inglis Gap

Just down from Mt Hart turn-off there is a great camera lookout stop at Inglis Gap. Inglis Gap was one of the hardest parts of the Gibb River Road for Main Roads to construct - The construction of the road through 'Inglis Gap' was a huge task and is an incredible feat of engineering in one of the most isolated frontiers of Australia...

Here we are 170 kilometers from Derby over the ranges!...

170 miles from Derby

The Gibb River Road travels through the King Leopold Range Conservation Estate owned and managed by Department of Environment and Conservation. This estate borders Napier Downs Station which we will be coming up to in the next 100kms or so!

King Leopolds

Here you can see a typical road bend in the Gibb...

Road Bend

This section of country we are coming up to now on Napier Downs Land is my most favourite section of the Gibb. This whole area is full of beautiful granite rock outcrops, ridges and crevices.

Granite outcrops

Here we are approaching the 'Napier Range' & 'Queen Victoria's Head'.

Napier Range

Well we are now approaching the Lennard River Bridge. We might pull up here for a while so you can have a look at the bridge. This bridge usually goes under water in the wet season after really heavy rains when the Lennard River Floods. It is another impressive feat of engineering, design & construction - a challenge that was overcome by main roads to open up this country.

lennard bridge crossing

Lennard Bridge

This is a wide section of expanse, open country leading out of the ranges. It is such a sudden contrast to the rugged, rangeland terrain we have just passed through...

Lennard Bridge

Here we are with a road train passing us. An important rule of thumb when on the Gibb is to always give way to anything bigger then you...

If you would like to see a short u-tube video of a road train going past a car on the Gibb River Road click here;

Road Train

Road stretch

Some sections of the Gibb are unfenced. Which means you are going to get stock wandering onto the road from time to time. Most cows are used to the traffic, and graze happily by the roadside but some can be unpredictable. So if you see cattle in the area, slow down and remember to keep it nice and steady...
If you would like to see a short u-tube video of a car approaching wandering stock on the Gibb River Road click here;

Cow on Road

The Bitumen Road was extended from Derby as far as Kimberley Diamond Mines a couple of years back...

bitumen stretch

If you would like to see a good short u-tube film showing this section of the Gibb River Road in more detail from the back of a trail bike... Click Here

The double lane bitumen eventually turns into single lane bitumen for around 60km or so...

Bitumen stretch 2

Well guess what! We made it. I'm heading into Derby now to pick up some stores. Thanks for coming on the trip with me. Hope you enjoyed it!!!

nearly there!