Kimberley Airstrips

Below is a list of all the Kimberley airstrips located on stations that offer overnight accommodation & meals. These airstrips are all part of the 'Ibis Aerial Highway' which was established to help bring people closer to nature without a four wheel drive or an enormous amount of time.

As part of the 'Ibis Aerial Highway project' Airstrips were also built at many of the major visitor points in the Kimberley such as Bell Gorge, & Windjana Gorge, enabling sightseers to visit gorges, & national parks and travel from place to place quickly and easily without using the roads in the Kimberley. Please note; The Department of Environment and Conservation reopened their airstrips at Bell Gorge & Windjana Gorge in the 2009 tourist season, after three years of them remaining closed due to lack of maintenance.

All of the airstrips listed below meet CASA/RFDS standards

Mt Hart Station

Details: Formed, white gravel surface, 'all-weather', located 50 metres from the Lodge.

Length: 1200m


Elevation: 642'

Co-ordinates: 16.49 South, 124.54 East.

Wind-sock on North-Western side of strip. Park in large parking bay on Eastern side of strip. Fuel available by prior arrangement. Prominant landmark Mount Matthew 1800ft, 5km to the North.

Mornington Wilderness Sanctuary

Location/Description: 1.8 km SE of the Mornington homestead, which is situated in the SW corner of Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary and Pastoral Lease. Approach and takeoff area clear of objects above slope 5% in either direction. Runway markings pairs of white tyres along each edge of the runway. Parking apron SW end of strip (beside wind sock). Wind sock & pole SW edge of strip. No fuel available, unless by prior arrangement. Helicopter landing immediately to SW of strip on slashed area, either side of wind sock and apron. Some travel advisories and WAC charts will make reference to a Mornington Strip located at 17o23’32.84”S 126 o 13’39.04”E . Be advised this is the Old Mornington Homestead strip, and no-one is in residence at this location.

Travel Time: By air, it is approx 340km SW of Kununurra and 265km E of Derby. The property is generally bordered by the pastoral properties of Tablelands, Glenroy, Marion Downs, Fossil Downs and Landsdowne.

Topographic Locators: Mt Brennan 8 km to the ~N, Mt Leake 12 km to the ~SW, Fitzroy River / Adcock River junction 4.2km to ~SE.

Lat / Long:17o31’17.9”S 126 o 07’27.2”E

Surface type: All-weather compacted gravel, with small surface stones. Free draining. No ruts, and maintained in very good condition.

Orientation:72 o / 252 o

Runway length:1100 metres (may be shortened to ~700m in the wet season)

Runway width:30 metres.

Elevation: 670 ft

Charnley River Station/Beverley Springs

Details: Formed, gravel surface.

Orientation:107 degrees

Co-ordinates: 16.73 South, 125.43 East.

Mt Elizabeth Station

Details: Fenced Airstrip, formed gravel

Length: 1100 metres

Orientation: 045 degrees

Position: S 16/24/03.7 E 126/06/58.2 (Datum WSG84)

Drysdale Station

Details: Formed Gravel Airstrip. Fully fenced. Avgas or Avtur available by prior arrangement

Length: 1300m

Orientation: 40

Position: 126.38284 -15.71222

Home Valley Station

Details: Formed Gravel Airstrip

Length: 1300m long x 18m wide

Co-ordinates: 15°43'23" South / 127°49'41" East

ElQuestro Station

Details: El Questro has two airstrips. One is located at Emma Gorge Resort, the other is close to the Main homesteads.

Station Township Air Strip -

Position: 127.58.50E 16.00.30S

Elevation: 300ft

Direction: 14/32

Length: 1,400m-gravel-flat

Emma Gorge Resort Air Strip

Position: 128.07.30E 15.55.30S

Elevation: 300ft

Direction: 12/30

Length: 900m-gravel-sloping