Kimberley Campgrounds, Gibb River Road

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There are a number of Kimberley campgrounds located along the Gibb River Road, Western Australia with good facilities for you to enjoy. They are situated on Kimberley cattle station land, inside Kimberley Government Conservation Parks, and on Aboriginal Lands.

The Location and description of these Kimberley campgrounds, has been included below, in order of travel from Derby to Kununurra.

Birdwood Downs - Kimberley Campgrounds

LOCATION:16km out of Derby along the Gibb River Road, or 689km from Kununurra

DESCRIPTION:Birdwood Downs Station is situated at the end of old stock routes. Since 1978 numerous landcare projects have been undertaken on the property aimed at creating a biodiverse sustainable ecology in overgrazed pindan country. The property is now a pastoral, ecological and general land regeneration demonstration project. The cattle and horses are key to the sustainable management of their pastures. Birdwood Downs is home to the Kimberley School of Horsemanship and provide trail rides and ecological tours.

Birdwood Downs welcomes you to their quiet and peaceful campground. This nature park is suitable for tents and campervans. Experience the ambience of a bush camp combined with the comforts of a hot shower. The campground has a camp kitchen with abundant fresh water and unpowered sites. To ensure the quiet nature of the camp they do not allow generators. On booking dinner, breakfast and lunch are available in their Garden Gazebo Restaurant. Mozzie domes, swags an linen are available for hire. Camping Fees Apply.

CONTACT: For bookings call +(61)8 9191 1275 or send them an email:

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Birdwood Downs Campsite

Windjana Gorge - Kimberley Campgrounds

Location: Located in the Napier Range to the North East of Derby. Turn-off onto Windjana/tunnel creek road is located 119km along the Gibb River Road from Derby, on right hand side. Or 586km from Kununurra. This road continues through to Fitzroy Crossing or ‘Highway 1’. You will see the turn-off for Windjana Gorge and the campgrounds on the left hand side of the Windjana/Tunnel Creek Road (when heading towards 'Highway 1'), after driving for approx 20 minutes.

Description: Campsite located 10 minute walk from Windjana Gorge. Ammenity block with toilets and showers, rubbish bins, ranger in residence, no pets allowed, no lawn, reasonably shady area, government owned and managed land, camping fees apply, no powered sites.

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Mt Hart Wilderness Lodge - Kimberley Campgrounds

LOCATION:Turn-off is 190km north Derby, or 515km from Kununurra, in the King Leopold Range Conservation Park - Turn-off is on the left hand side of the road when heading north, just after Inglis Gap. There is a 50km Access Road to the homestead (which is approx. 50 minute drive from the turn-off)

DESCRIPTION:Riverside camping area with some lawn. Ablution block with toilets and showers. Located inside King Leopold Range conservation park which is owned and managed by Department of Environment and Conservation of WA - 'DEC'. Entrance and Camping Fees Apply. No powered sites.

CONTACT:Ph: (08)91914645

Mt Hart Campground

Silent Grove (Bell Gorge) - Kimberley Campgrounds

LOCATION: Turn-off is located just before Imintji Roadhouse approx 214km from Derby, on the left hand side of the Gibb River Road, when travelling North. Or 491km from Kununurra. Silent Grove campsite access Road = approx 1/2 hour drive from Gibb River Road Turn-off.

DESCRIPTION: Popular campsite with toilet/shower block. BBQ's and telephone, Government owned and managed land, ranger in residence, no pets allowed, close to Bell Gorge, Camping fees apply. Known to take up to 200 campers in one night during 2008 peak season, no powered sites.

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Charnley River Station - Kimberley Campgrounds

LOCATION: Turn-off on left hand side of the road when heading north. Turn-off is approx 255km north Derby and 450km from Kununurra. Access Road is 44km

DESCRIPTION: Large Camping ground, Amenity block containing toilets and showers with hot water, wood fired cooking BBQs and a central fire pit for camp oven cooking. A limited amount of fire wood is supplied. Camping fees are $15/ adult and $5/ child. Pets are no longer allowed. Self guided 4WD trips and hiking trails, access to 3/4 million acres of spectacular gorge country. No powered sites.
CONTACT INFORMATION:(08)9191 4646 Email;

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Mornington Wilderness Sactuary - Kimberley Campgrounds

LOCATION: Turn-off is past Glenroy Station. This Turn-off is approx. 253 km from Derby or 452km from Kununurra.The access Road or drive way into Mornington from The Gibb River Road is 89km long

DESCRIPTION:Mornington Wilderness Camp has a shady, grassed creek-side campground. Flushing toilets, hot showers, bush restaurant and bar, visitor information area, access to gorges. No pets allowed. Camping Fees Apply.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone: 1800 631 946

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Manning Gorge - Kimberley Campgrounds

LOCATION: To get to Manning Gorge Campgrounds you need to Turn-off at Mt Barnett Roadhouse, on the left hand side of the road when heading north. This turn-off is approx 299km from Derby or 405km from Kununurra. Pay your Gorge entry &/or camp fees to the Roadhouse attendents, and drive through the gate located 10 metres to the north of the roadhouse. You will then enter the gorge access Road, which takes approx 25 mins to drive direct from the roadhouse to gorge carpark & campground.

DESCRIPTION: Campground located 5 minute walk from swimming hole. Small ablution block. No lawn. Camping fees apply. Aboriginal owned and managed land. Pets okay.

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Mt Elizabeth Station Camprounds

LOCATION: Turn-off is located on left hand side of the road when heading north. Turn-off is 345km from Derby, or 360km from Kununurra.Access Road is 34km long

DESCRIPTION: Shady camping ground, BBQ's, hot showers, Flush toilets, Public phone, Access to private gorges, Meals available, pets okay, swim & explore scenic gorges, hand-wash laundry facilities and first class drinking water. BBQ with plenty of firewood supplied, fishing, bushwalking trails, self-guided 4WD tours, Mt Elizabeth has no liquor license - BYO, camping fees apply

Ph:(08)9191 4644


Drysdale River Station Campgrounds

Location: 59km North of the Junction of the Gibb & Kulumburu roads. Total of 470km North Derby,353 km from Kununurra. Turn-off to Kulumburu road is 411km from Derby or 294 km from Kununurra. Description: The 'Homestead' campsite has hot showers & toilets, new ablution block with coin operated laundry & clothes lines, small number of powered sites, large camping area, plenty of space, access to bar & restaurant. 'Miners Pool' campsite is located alongside the Drysdale River, 5 km from the homestead - open area with slashed grass, and shade, access to the river, basic pit toilets. Fuel and Mechanic available, small general store, scenic flights, pets okay. Camping Fees Apply.

Contact Information: Ph:(08)9161 4326

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Drysdale's Campground


Location: 476km out of Derby along the Gibb River Road, or 229km from Kununurra

Description: Byrne Terry was a remarkable and much loved character of the Kimberley who together with his wife Anne established Ellenbrae as an overnight stopover for tourists. Since Byrnes untimely death a few years ago, Ellenbrae has new owners, who are maintaining the campsites Byrne created and ensuring this amazing place remains a part of the heritage of the Kimberley for all to enjoy. Ellenbrae welcomes you to stay in either of their two campsites - "The Ringer's" campground or "The Bushman's Campground".

The facilities at these campgrounds are a tribute to Byrne Terry’s bush injenuity and self sufficency. Shady and secluded campsites surrounded by native trees, vegetation and wildlife. Uniquely designed toilet & shower facilities (built using a combination of natural bush materials). 'The Ringer's Campground' has a large communal cooking area, whereas 'The Bushmans Campground' has BBQ's. Ellenbrae also welcomes day visitors to come and enjoy a hot cup of tea in the beautiful gardens and the best home made scones you have ever tasted! Ellenbrae’s driveway is only 5km long so it is well worth the trip in to stop off and stretch your legs, to marvel at their gardens and buildings.

Contact Information: Ph:(08)9161 4325 or send them an e-mail:

Home Valley Campgrounds

Location:Turn-off is 591km from Derby or 114km from Kununurra

Description: Camping facilities near the Homestead, and at Bindoola River Bush Camp. Meals. Access to bar. Powered and non-powered sites, new and clean bathrooms, hot showers & flush toilets, gas barbecue facilities, lots of shade. 3 million acres of wilderness to explore. Pets allowed. Camping Fees Apply.

Contact Information:Ph:(08)9161 4322

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Elquestro's Campgrounds

Location: Turn-off is 624km from Derby, or 81km Kununurra

Description: "Black Cockatoo" General Camp Ground, or 28 private sites along the Pentecost River. Swimming, bathroom facilities block,laundry facilities,Station Store, fuel, road supplies, Steakhouse Restaurant & bar,tour desk, access to gorges, thermal springs & wilderness park. No pets allowed. Camping Fees Apply.

Contact Information: Ph:08 9169 1777

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