Lennard Gorge

Feel like taking a trip into Lennard Gorge to see what you are in for? Well here's your chance...Pat and Liz (your virtual tour guides) have generously offered to walk you up to the top of the gorge, and then climb down with you to the main waterhole (at the base of the gorge), in the photos below:

"Hi Folks, my name's Pat! Welcome to the walk trail into Lennard Gorge. It's a bit of an uphill climb in some sections, so I hope you've bought a good pair of hiking boots, and a decent hat to keep the sun off your head, because I sure ain't carrying you if you pike out half way!"

"Well after about a steady 30 minute hike, we've finally made it to the top of the gorge, it's an amazing view from up here. There's also some pretty little swimming holes to your left, if you feel like getting your feet wet already."

"Hi Folks! My names Liz. I got an early start and beat you all here! Ha Ha! Sure is a loooong way down, hey!"

"Did you know the rock in the gorge is made up of a combination of sandstone, granite and quartzite?"

"Over the years, there has been some SERIOUS accidents happen here. So you've got to be real careful if you decide to climb down to the main water hole at the base of the gorge. Like we said before - it's a loooong way down! So be very mindful of your step, and DON'T try jumping off the rocks into the water, cause as some people have found out over the years you will not survive the fall."

"It can be pretty hot up here in the middle of the day. If you are going to climb down the cliff to the water, it's best to get here early, so you can spend the heat of the day down by the main waterhole in the shade."

"Wow! What a view!"

"Guess what - we're almost there! Obviously this would take a lot longer in real time....all you've had to do is scroll down the page!"


"Well that's all folks! You can go swimming in the water below, but we're just gonna sit here for a while and enjoy the tranquility, (before climbing all the way back up again)!"