Travel To The Kimberley: Air Cruising

Plane Landing on Kimberley Airstrip

If you travel to the Kimberley by air you can really appreciate the beauty and vastness of this spectacular country. The remarkable colours and contours of the savannahs, waterfalls and ranges take your breath away. If you have your own plane or helicopter most of the stations have airstrips and welcome fly-in guests. If not, you can charter a plane or a helicopter, or go on a scenic flight.

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If you have your own plane or helicopter and would like more information about the position, elevation and length of Kimberley Airstrips on kimberley station properties that offer overnight accommodation, visit the following link:

Kimberley Airstrips

If you don't have your own plane or helicopter, you can charter one through any of the Kimberley flight companies listed at the following link:

Travel to the Kimberley: Charter Flights

If you can't afford to charter a plane, you could always do a day scenic flight from Broome, Derby or Kununurra to see some of Kimberley's Scenic wonders & Stations such as the Horizontal Waterfalls, Cape Leveque, The King Leopold Ranges, The Bucaneer Archipelago, Mt Hart and Bell Gorge. Or you could take a 2 hour scenic flight round trip from Drysdale Station to the Mitchell Falls. Please visit the link below for more information:

Scenic Flights

"From the air The Kimberley is put into perspective... When you look down from above you can see how nature has sculpted the Ranges, and formed the terrain, over millions of years. You can see how water continues to carve the landscape, via the rivers and creeks, which curve across the landscape from their ocean inlets. Rock pools in the highlands store millions of litres of water. As the water plummets down through the gorges, it cuts away at cliff walls, and turns into the rivers, which carve channels through the valleys and travel out to the distant horizon. You can soar like an eagle..."

Mitchell Falls Scenic Flight