Travelling The Gibb River Road: Service Stations

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When travelling the Gibb River Road there are two main service stations or 'roadhouses' - Mt Barnett and Imintji Roadhouses. They offer fuel, basic general stores, and take away food snacks to travellers and locals. Drysdale River Station is also a roadhouse and is the last fuel stop on the way to Kulumburu or the Mitchell Plateau. You can also get any mechanical work done at Drysdale if needed. "Over the range mechanical repairs" is located at Imintji Roadhouse. Lennard River Snack Stop (located just before the Lennard River Bridge, approx 1 hour north Derby) offers take-away food.

The list below describes these services in order when travelling from Derby to Kununurra.

Lennard River Bridge Snack Stop

Location: Approx 1 hour from Derby along the Gibb River Road just after Windjana/Tunnel Creek Turn-off, before the Lennard River Bridge
Description: Located on the banks of the Lennard River overlooking the Lennard River Bridge. A small shop selling take-away pies, sausage rolls, ice-blocks, tea, coffee, and lollies to tourists and locals. The shop has been run by Robert Hadley for 4 years now. When travelling the Gibb River Road this is a Good place to get out, stretch your legs, admire the views of the Lennard River. You can spot some fresh water crocs sunning themselves on the sanddunes through Robert's telescope, and marvel at the Kimberley birdlife coming down for a drink from the river.

2012 UPDATE Please Note; Unfortunately Lennard River Bridge Snack Stop is no longer operational owed to the Lennard river flooding and washing away the foundations of Robert's shed in 2010/2011 wet season

Lennard River Bridge: Snackstop View

Imintji Roadhouse

Location: 2&1/2 hours north Derby, approx 20 mins drive from Mt Hart Turn-off and just after Bell Gorge Turn-off. 223km from Derby, 437km from Kununurra.
Description: Open most days from 7am-5pm. Offers diesel fuel only - no unleaded. Please note: They do have a limited supply of unleaded fuel in drums that they sell by the litre for EMERGENCY USE ONLY. So if you are really stuck and desperately need unleaded they will sell you enough to get to either Derby or Mt Barnett Roadhouse. Due to their limited supply of unleaded they appreciate prior warning, so if possible please phone them in advance. Take-away snacks such as ice-blocks, potato chips, fruit, cakes available. Small selection of basic general stores.
Contact Information: Imintji Store/Roadhouse - (08)9191 7471

Hugh Brown: Imintji Store

Over The Range Mechanical Repairs

Neville has his shop "Over the range Mechanical repairs" located directly next to Imintji Roadhouse.

During the tourist season Nev is available most days to change & replace tyres. He is also very good at fixing mechanical problems.

Over the Range Mechanical Repairs - (08)9191 7887

Mt Barnett Roadhouse

Location: Approx. 300km North of Derby, 360 km from Kununurra. Turn-off on left hand side of the road when travelling north.
Description: Offers fuel supplies (both diesel and unleaded), Hot snacks, ice-creams, telephone, and general stores, tyre repairs, Camp & entrance fees are payable here to access Barnett River Gorge/Manning Falls and the campsite - gorge and campsite are accessible via a track located 10 metres to the north of the roadhouse.
Contact Information: Phone:(08)9191 7007

Hugh Brown: Mt Barnett Roadhouse Carpark

Drysdale River Station

Location:When travelling the Gibb River Road Drysdale Station is 59km North of the Junction of the Gibb & Kulumburu roads. Total of 470km North Derby,308km from Kununnurra. Kulumburu turn-off is 249km from Kununurra or 411km from Derby.
Description: Offers diesel and unleaded fuel, basic general stores, meals, licensed bar, accommodation, camping, scenic flights, mechanical & tyre repairs. Last fuel stop before Kulumburu and Mitchell Plateau Road.

Contact Information:
Telephone:(08)9161 4326

Click here for: Drysdale's Website, Travelling the Gibb River Road

Drysdale River View