Windjana Gorge

So you want to take a trip into Windjana Gorge to see what all the fuss is about? Well it just turns out Hannes our mate from Germany is taking a trip down their today, so you are welcome to join him if you want to....

"Hi everybody! My name is Hannes. This is my first time working as a virtual tour guide and I brought a brand new pair of sunglasses yesterday just for this trip so I look professional, and all...Anyway, welcome to the walk trail into Windjana Gorge. It's only a short walk in, so let's get going, we're burning daylight just standing around here staring at eachother..."

"Windjana Gorge is pretty spectacular - it was once a coral reef about 350 million years ago. So if we went back all that time I suppose we'd be swimming around in the middle of the ocean right now..."

"The gorge walls sure are high! But don't worry, we don't have to climb all the way up there..."

"Well...after a short easy 6 minute walk past the cliffs we've finally made it to the Lennard River which passes through the center of the gorge. The river here is very wide and sandy."

"The river level drops as the year goes on, so most years if you were to come out here in November, there would be hardly any water left at all"

"Hey...look over there. I forgot to mention Windjana Gorge is home to a whole heap of freshwater crocodiles..."

"Oh come on... they're really not that scary. They are content just lying around in the water, and on the sandy banks minding their own business, having their photos taken. But I wouldn't go in for a swim if I were you..."

"Hey look over there in the bushes! That's a Merten's water monitor on that log. He'll run away if you get to close to him, and dive into the water with the crocs"

"And here's another croc...sure is a heap of them around here. It seems they really do love posing for the camera, best not disturb them too much though"

" great is this place! We've seen an ancient coral reef, and prehistoric reptiles all in one day...We could keep on walking further up the river through the gorge, but I'm going to go set up my tent up at the campground and spend the night there, so I'll catch ya later! Thanks for keeping me company!"