Working In The Kimberleys

All of the station stays/tourist providers along the Gibb River road require domestic and maintenence staff from around mid April until around the end of October. The working cattle stations along the Gibb River Road require reliable stock workers, as well as domestic workers, throughout the majority of the dry season from April until November.

All of the cattle stations, roadhouses and station stays up here seem to have the same problem year after year - finding good, loyal, reliable, honest, practical workers with common sense. Some people are drawn to work in the Kimberleys because they are running away from something such as a divorce, child support, financial debt, a drug or alcohol addiction, a life crisis, or emotional issues/problems. These people think by coming to live and work in the Kimberleys they can escape mainstream society, by venturing out into the bush, essentially running away from their problems. But the truth is, the owners of the stations up here have enough on their plate to deal with already, and DO NOT have the time, or the energy to co-ordinate the running of their property, plus help their employees sort out their personal problems.

Dreaming of the Kimberleys?

So, what's your idea of coming to work in the Kimberleys? Do you dream of riding around on horseback at sunrise, being whisked off your feet by a handsome stockman, camping out in the bush by firelight with a million stars over your head, going for bushwalks beside a lilly lined billabong? Then you are not going to last working up here for 2 seconds! Instead of coming up here to work, you should come up here for holidays. I know this might sound a bit harsh...But the truth is it's a long way to come up here to work, and then get the sack on the first day, so make sure your coming up here for the right reasons, and that you really can do what is required, before reading any further....

The Reality of Working In The Kimberleys

* The owners of the stations and station stays are up from around 4;30 in the morning, working from sun up, until late. They have a lot to co-ordinate everyday, there is always so much for them to think about, worry about and organise. The work your employer delegates to you is entirely your responsibility.

* For this reason, you need to be able to use your own initiative, as well as be capable and proficent at everything you do, so that your employers can trust you to work unsupervised.

* It's isolated up here, so you've got to be used to living with your own company, and handling yourself.

* Some days are long, some days are short, but regardless you've got to be prepared to work hard, and put a real effort into what you do.

* You need to be prepared to help out wherever is necessary. You can't be selective in what work you do, or don't do. You've got to be prepared to get in and lend a hand as needed.

* Oh...and most importantly you need a whole heap of COMMON SENSE!

Domestic Work On Stations Stays

Are you a good, experienced cook? Or, are you an efficent housekeeper with attention to detail? Or, are you a good kitchenhand, waiter and barperson? Or, are you a good maintenance person and/or mechanic? for you abounds up here, especially during the tourist season months (April-November). You should try contacting any of the stations stays and accommodation providers listed in the link below to see if there's any work available:


Domestic Work on Cattle Stations

Are you a good cook? Are you good with kids? Are you a good house cleaner? Well, try contacting the stations listed below which are purely cattle stations (no tourists). The owners of these stations are usually looking for good cooks in the kitchen, reponsible people to help care for their children, and/or domestic cleaners around the homesteads.